We have early morning and evening appointments and do our best to accommodate your school or work schedule. Orthodontics requires a series of appointments throughout treatment. Some appointments require more time than others. This is especially true for bonding (braces placement) and debonding (braces removal) appointments. These appointments are typically scheduled during school or work hours.

Once braces are placed, regular adjustments or shorter appointments are typically scheduled either before or after school or work. This way, an entire afternoon is not committed to one or two patients, but rather, is scheduled to accommodate as many families as possible for after school or work appointments. If you should ever wish to come to the office during a quieter time, please ask to schedule an appointment during school or work hours. Usual intervals between orthodontic appointments can range between 4 to 8 weeks.

Our practice values punctuality and we are committed to adhering to a regular schedule of follow-ups.

Appointments & Scheduling